Become part of the circle sharing inspiration for spinning and other fibre crafting. It is a warm and reassuring place, sort of like a favourite chair near a cosy fireside, where beginners and experts come and go as they please. It's a place to share what we know, learn from each other and display what we've created -- while supporting and inspiring each other on the wonderful journey associated with handspinning and wool-related crafts.


Here we have created a list of resources which we think are useful, from where to purchase equipment, fibres to websites for advice and tips. The list is not exhaustive and will be added to regularly. Please let us know if any of the links do not work.

Spinning Equipment

Wingham Wool Work - Spinning wheels, spindles, looms, carders, and other accessories.
Wingham Wool Work also offer the wonderful opportunity for you to go and try wheels, and fibres for free with no obligation to buy anything.

Frank Herring & Sons - selling spinning and weaving equipment and accessories.Family run business based in Dorchester, Dorset.

Fibrecrafts / George Weil - suppliers of spinning equipment, accessories, fibres, dyes and other crafts including weaving.

P & M Woolcraft - suppliers of spinning and weaving equipment, fibres, yarns and books.

Scottish Fibres- Spinning and weaving equipment, fibres, books, dyes and other crafts. They also run courses in Edinburgh and can arrange to run courses elsewhere.

Forest Fibres - Suppliers of equipment, fibres, dyes, and other craft supplies.

Handspinner - spinning and weaving equipment, fibres, books, yarns and 2nd hand equipment.

The Loom Exchange - useful website to look for 2nd hand equipment.

Woodland Turnery - Spinning and weaving equipment, reconditioned equipment and repairs service.

Spinning Fibres (commercial) 

World of Wool - excellent choice of dyed merino wool and a large selection of natural wool fleece and tops (roving); both British and other breeds. They also supply other fibres - other animals, plant and synthetics, blends,  felt and pre-felt and yarn suitable for dyeing. Good value, super quick delivery and great customer service.

Wingham Wool Work - excellent choice of dyed merino and natural wool fleece and tops. Also felting and dyeing products, yarns and books. Excellent company, good value and good customer service.

Forest Fibres - Choice of British Breeds, merino, blends and other fibres.


Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers - information on Guilds around Great Britain, and the online guild. Information on events and courses.

Joy of Handspinning - excellent website for advice, videos and information.

Handspinner - information and advice, good how-to articles, news and a blog.

WPI (Wraps Per Inch guide) 

Spinning Daily - lots of downloadable files on how-to ... (various spinning, plying, balance, felting, etc)


Looking for some help? Tuition is available in many areas, here are a few we know about. Also check your local Guild as there are often members who offer tuition or run spinning groups.

Amanda Hannaford - tuition in Cornwall

Hilary Charlesworth - West Sussex. Hilary teaches spinning, tapestry, felting, and dyeing. Hilary was featured on Kirsty Allsopps Handmade Home 1st series, and runs the Loom exchange (see above). I can also personally recommend her as I spent the day with her in my early days of spinning. (click on courses in South of England on the left).

The Threshing Barn - Staffordshire. Run courses on the basics of spinning for absolute beginners and then an advanced one too. Many other courses on other crafts too. Also suppliers of equipment, fibres, etc.