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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Kelly's Woolly Wednesday endeavours

Yes, I have definitely been inspired to spin more, not that I have spun much in the last month but here is what I have managed.

With the boys' help, we have finished spindling the rust coloured merino to knit up our foxes. 
I dug out my stash of fleece from the cupboard under the stairs.  I have been using lots of my white fleece to finish off a peg-loom rug which is almost done, very, very nearly!  Just need to dye a bit more.  We are making a story-telling rug and it has taken me ages and ages and ages.

Anyway, I pulled out a bit of Herdwick - a stone grey.  This fleece is very course and not suitable for clothes, more rugs  but I wanted to have a go at spinning it, just to get used to spinning different textures, staples.  I found it quite easy to spin up as a thick single ply.

I also spun a bit of Manx Loghtan dark brown.  It has a very short staple and is incredibly soft.  I found this quite difficult and you can see it is quite a slubby, messy spin.  I will knit a Manx Loghtan sheep with this and also with the Herdwick.

This is a bit of English wool tops I spun up.  It is lovely and soft and creamy. 

I also managed to buy a lovely pair of handcarders from Wingham Wool Work.  They are seconds but perfect for me.  Wingham Wool have a couple of pairs of these on special offer at the moment.  

Up till now, I had been using a pair of dog brushes to prepare wool which worked well and the boys like to card wool with them too as they are easy to handle in their small hands.  

Although, it is great to finally have nice sturdy hand carders! 
Anyway, using the new hand carders I am hoping to card and prepare rolags with this Kerry Hill ewe lamb fleece.  It is lovely and soft so hopefully I'll be able to spin it up nicely.  Just started this week.

Also, since I have been motivated to spin more, I contacted the lady from whom I bought my spinning wheel two odd years ago now, who also offers spinning lessons, and I have arranged a few hours improver's spinning tuition with her during March.  I get a bit frustrated sometimes when I don't achieve the results I hope for with my spinning.

Finally, I am reading this lovely book, 

 And that is all from me for now.  It has been an enjoyable February and it is lovely to have a fibre art circle to share endeavours with here at Spinspiration.