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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Kelly's Woolly Wednesday endeavours

Over the last few weeks I have spun up a couple of skeins of white wool.  They are two-ply.  I plan to naturally dye them soon.

 I spent an hour with a very experienced spinner.  Celia has been spinning for many years.  She watched me spin and gave me some tips and we chatted about spinning and dyeing and various fibres.  She gave me lots of  really useful tips and most importantly she really boosted my confidence and said I am spinning really well.  Hooray!  It was a well spent hour!

One thing that Celia said that I really appeals to my imagination is that each bit of fibre she spins up seems to have its own character and seems to choose it's own look!.  She says when she starts spinning a new batch of fibre it seems to communicate to her how it will turn out - thicker, very fine, singles, plyed  and so on.  I really agree with her there.  Since then I have found myself having a little chat with a new fibre I am spinning and asking it how it will spin, then it answers through my fingers!  Well, it seems that way to me anyhow!

Today, I started spinning some wool I naturally dyed with rosehips in the Autumn.  This fibre tells me to spin slow and not too fine.  Here and there I find a few bits of rosehip caught in the fibre which I pick out as I go along.  I think I will use this to knit up a palamino horse.  Just for fun, I tried to upload a video of me spinning this fibre but it was taking ages and ages to upload so I cancelled adding the video clip.  Sorry about that! 

Happy spinning!