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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Woolly Wednesday for May

The month has flashed by in a glorious haze of warm, spring days.  Earlier in the month, I dyed up some of my handspun yarn.  I dyed one batch using nettles with alum as mordant.  Those are the pale yellow.  The second batch I used onion skins with no mordant and those are the bright yellow.
I also spun up these two skeins with Jacob.  The back skein is Jacob and the front one is white plyed with dark brown Shetland. 
And at the moment I am spinning raw alpaca.  I am loving it!  It is so soft and such a joy to spin.  I love the fawn colour!  I managed to obtain a batch of other colours too - white, grey, plum brown and chestnut.
And I have just bought a charka spinning wheel!  I can't wait for it to arrive so more on my attempts at  spinning cotton on the charka next month.  It is also shearing time at the rare breeds farm in mid May so I just can't wait to visit and grab some great fleeces.  I am hoping for some longwool - Cotswold and Wenseydale.
Really looking forward to reading everyone's spinning posts.