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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Kelly's September Woolly Wednesday

During August the only spinning I did was to spin and ply this French country sheep fleece.  The wool came from that wonderful little craft shop I have mentioned before.  I really loved spinning this up and wish I had bought more of it.  So soft and the wool simply slipped through my fingers.
The master spinner who has often shared spinning tips with me and valuable advice along the way, gave me five bags of wool, three of which were Wensleydale!!  One big bag each of white, brown and black.  For a long time I have wished for some Wensleydale and this lot will keep me going for ages.  What a gift!! Celia had already washed the brown, so I washed the black and the white.  Quite a process but both have washed up beautifully.
 This is the unwashed black Wensleydale.  So much lanolin and just look at the length of those locks!
 And here is the brown.  Beautiful colour!

Apart from that we moved house towards the end of August so goodbye to the Cotswolds and hello to the Midlands.  Still living on a farm and let me introduce our new neighbours...
Yes, there are sheep on this farm - lots of them and how happy this makes me!  They are Texels and it is delightful to wake each morning to the sound of their bleating.

Wishing you all a happy September!