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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Kelly's December Woolly Wednesday

I am late posting this month but better late than never!

 I have done some spinning this past month though.  I find even if I do just 20 minutes here and there it keeps me spinning for the therapeutic, quiet time!  I finished off all the European wool and have now turned my attentions to spinning up two fleeces of beautiful creamy white organic Lleyn wool.  This is a Welsh breed and is a fine dense medium length wool.  I started this a few months back and then abandoned it in favour of the European wools.  I have decided to stick to spinning the Lleyn until I have spun up the whole two fleeces.  It really is a joy to spin this wool.  I have a jumbo flyer for my spinning wheel so I've decided to change to that and keep at it.  I wonder how many skeins I will manage?  Once all done, I hope to dye it up using Kool-Aid in a variety of colours in the spring.  So that is my current spinning project.
Here is a sweet pebble vest I knitted for my littlest boy using my handspun fawn alpaca.  It feels so soft and snuggly.  I like the nice, rustic look!
Using mostly my handspun, I have completed the ox and the sheep for the knitted nativity scene I am knitting.
More pebble vests for my new little niece born at the end of November.
And just for fun, my boys wanted me to buy this huge big ball of part wool/part acrylic yarn.  They want to see just how many things can be knitted using this ball.  First up, Noah wants me to knit him a pebble vest since I have been knitting quite a few recently and he would like one too.  So that is what is on the needles to being with.  Wish me luck with that red ball!  I could be at it for some time!
To end with, here is a happy picture of sheep in the snow in the beautiful Peak District.  I loved seeing beautiful white sheep on a vast snowy landscape.  First snow we have seen this winter!
Wishing you all a very happy, memorable Christmas season.