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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Dawns August Woolly Wednesday

Since the last Woolly Wednesday I have finished the spinning for the Tour de Fleece on Ravelry and loved every minute of it. I will definitely be taking part again next year and set myself some targets.

Here are the results of my spinning for the TDF

 Polwarth 2 ply (loved spinning this)
 Total results of my TDF spinning - Olympic yarn, Polwarth, Shetland single, 
mixed scrappy yarn, Kerry Hill and Manx on bobbins, silk/wool/acrylic mix on spindle
 Olympic ring yarn on the Niddy Noddy

And my finished knitting using the Olympic yarn spun for the TDF - a little project I set myself for a bit of fun and knitted up into this linked rings scarf for Imogen. We shall be taking in the atmosphere at the Olympics in London, so maybe this will come out of the bag if the evenings are cooler. I have also made a hairband for her - just a few stripes of the colours in the same order.

 Olympic rings scarf

Look forward to seeing what everyone else has been spinning.  I shall really miss Kelly when she leaves the UK for her homeland and am sure everyone will join me in wishing her the best, hopefully we will meet again in blogland or elsewhere.

If anyone would like to become a regular poster on Spinspiration, please get in touch with me - would love to keep this blog as a space to share inspiration, no pressures or advertising ... just a fun virtual spin and chat group.

Dawn x