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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lydia's December Woolly Wednesday

I am posting appallingly late in the day but it is still just about Wednesday. I haven't had a chance to spin anything this month, which is disappointing, especially as my Lendrum is sat there looking mournfully at me. But I have been knitting, which is a miracle for me because I really struggle with knitting. Spinning is so much easier, you don't have to remember a complicated pattern and the fibre only goes in one direction.

I started the Fatigue Cap a while ago but it turned out to be way too big so I frogged it and then could not work out the maths at all. You would think it would be simple if you know the number of stitches to the inch and the number of inches around the person's head. But every time I tried to work out how many stitches I needed to cast on I got a different answer.

I have at last solved the maths problem and the hat is the right size. The next issue is I am running out of yarn. The Fatigue Cap is a very simple pattern, it is a straight tube with no shaping but the pattern says make the tube 36 inches long. This seems extremely long to me and I'm really not sure how the hat is meant to be worn, it must end up double thickness but that may be uncomfortably hot. As I am running out of yarn I have decided to give up on the pattern altogether and just shape the top of the hat following a different pattern.

 This is only my second project using circular needles and I must say I love them. I find going round in circles strangely soothing. I think I may just have to make another hat. This time I'd like to use my own handspun, so I'm bound to have more issues with maths. By the time I've finished pulling out my hair trying to work out how many stitches to cast on I will need a hat to cover my baldness.