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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Lydia's Woolly Wednesday - March

The first Wednesday of the month soon comes round. I'm glad to see there are definite signs of Spring after a miserable Winter, the poor sheep have had so much mud and wet wet to put up with. My current spinning project is something a bit different. When I bought my Lendrum I treated myself to some ready prepared fibre so I could get straight on with spinning. I bought a blend of baby camel fibre and silk:
The fibre is so soft and the colours are spinning up into an oatmeal effect. If you've never encountered camel fibre before it is quite like alpaca - not surprisingly as alpacas are camelids. This baby camel is extremely soft, fine and on the short side.

It is taking quite a long time to spin this blend. Partly because I am spinning finer than usual and partly because it is a fiddly blend to manage. The camel fibre separates from the silk so you end up with a mostly silk yarn and a heap of camel fluff in your lap if you don't pay attention. I'm having to keep working the camel fibre in with the silk as I go. However I love the results:

Have you ever spun this blend or worked with camel fibre? How did you get on?