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Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Hello to everyone who reads and joins in with Woolly Wednesday. I have really enjoyed posting Woolly Wednesday and visiting blogs to read what others are up to, what they are spinning or creating, being inspired. I hope to continue to enjoy all that but want to let everyone know of some changes that are being made.

This blog came from an online friendship a few years ago, an idea to create an online space to share inspiration, wise words sometimes and projects in spinning mainly but also any other woolly adventures. Last year there were changes when Kelly moved back to her home land and was less able to join in writing on the blog, and new authors joined. Due to other commitments and time, which is understandable as we all have busy lives, it has just been myself writing recently.

Due to this and also because I have another blog, which sadly gets neglected at times so as not to repeat myself, I am going to merge Spinspiration with my other blog which can be found here. I would really love to still link up with you all so will be posting the Woolly Wednesday linky there so please do visit and update your links to join me.

As it is the 1st May tomorrow it would normally be Woolly Wednesday but I am going to post it next week instead - 8th May over on www.raisingseedlings.blogspot.co.uk
During the week I shall hopefully merge the 2 blogs (fingers crossed!) and change any necessary settings.

I hope to see you there next week, in the meantime have fun with your woolly adventures, I know some of you have been to Wonderwool, as have I, so look forward to reading all about it on your blogs. I shall be sharing my experience of Wonderwool on my blog for Woolly Wednesday for next week.

Thanks again to you all for your company, inspiration and online friendship. This isn't goodbye, just see you soon in another place x

Dawn x