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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

August Woolly Wednesday - Kelly

This month I have been concentrating on spinning white Shetland fleece.  I want to finish off the white Shetland I have before moving on to something else.  I haven't done much else spinning related recently as the weather has been so good and I have been busy loving Summer!

So same post as I posted on my other blog about Scottish wool recently which I have copied over here since that is what I am still spinning up.  Three bobbins done so far and I estimate just one left to go.
 Sheep breeds originating from Scotland!  I have been spinning up some beautiful white Shetland wool.  Shetland is one of my very favourites offering such a diverse natural colour range and being a fine wool. 
And I have washed a lovely light grey North Ronaldsay shearling fleece. North Ronaldsays are a primitive breed and are on the rare breed survival list.  They originate from the Orkney Islands off the  north coast of Scotland and eat seaweed!
In September I hope to share with you more on my adventures with spinning cotton on the charka.