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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Dawn Woolly Wednesday - 3rd August

Well July has been a busy month around here, end of school year for my daughters first year in school so lots going on and wonderful times being had. I have been busy with the wool too.

I have spun, plied and skeined awaiting a final wash this Portland white seen previously on the blog.
Portland plied - worsted weight

I have carded and started spinning this Hebridean wool, although I really wasn't enjoying spinning this from drum carded batts so will need to look at this a bit more to see how to prepare it for a better spin. Anyone any experience with Hebridean? I think it's because it has a double coat that it is proving difficult for me - it is so so soft, and still quite lanolin rich. I did try and spin some of this unwashed but found it just so full of lanolin I couldn't get a handle on it properly. I will persevere.

Hebridean spinning
I moved onto the Dorset Horn fleece from my last Woolly Wednesday. It washed up so beautifully white and is carding lovely too. My experience with this wool has always been good - the fibres just pull out of your hands so effortlessly. This will keep me busy and I have the other fleece to wash too.

Dorset Horn spinning

Also I have started spinning some roving that I have. I'm normally found spinning from raw fleece that I enjoy preparing but have a few of these around too. Here is a real riot of colour, no idea how this will come out or what I will do with it but I'm enjoying it so far. That is if my daughter Imogen let's me spin it - she eyed it the other day and asked if she could have it for felting so we are "sharing"! There will be some felting projects over the Summer holidays.

I've dug out a drop spindle. Attached to it here is some Blue Faced Leicester roving so I will continue with that and maybe have a play with something else soon depending on having the time to do this, I do prefer spinning on the wheel though.

Drop spindle with BFL 

Summer Holidays here in England, so I shall leave you with this (just skip the first 25 seconds) ...