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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Alpaca in Birmingham ...

I have recently found out about an event at the NEC in Birmingham, England all about Alpaca. As well as showing alpaca, there is an Alpaca Fibre Arts Village.

"A new feature for the Futurity is an Alpaca Fibre Arts Village where fibre artists, 
whether alpaca breeders or not, take a low cost table for the two days to display 
and sell their product. The ‘village’ will encourage hand spinners, felt makers, 
weavers, knitters and crochet makers to come and practise their art in public. 
There will be a knitting table stocked with yarns, needles and patterns where 
anyone can come and have a go. 
Tops, fleeces, yarns and end products will all be for sale.
Alpaca fibre is known for its lovely handle, warmth and lustre and is 
one of the ‘noble fibres’. Most of the alpaca tops, yarns and end products 
will have been made in Britainfrom the fleeces of alpacas bred in this country. 
The feltmaker Liz Clay, spinner and lace knitter Jean Field will be holding 
workshops at the event."

I thought I would share this here in case anyone was interested in it. The event is on 16-17th March 2012 at the NEC, Birmingham. Website for more details is http://www.britishalpacafuturity.com/