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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kelly's March Woolly Wednesday

Still spinning my way through my Lleyn fleeces. 
 I am tempted to switch to something else but I am equally determined to spin up all this wool from the two fleeces and have all that yarn ready for a bigger project.  So far, I have finished the first fleece and have 800g of spun wool from that first fleece (it wasn't a complete fleece as I gave some away and used a bit for something else) and 200g from the second.

Apart from spinning, I have done some natural dyeing.  Using alum as mordant and beetroots I produced a vibrant orange.  I diced the beetroots, bought to the boil and then simmered for some hours and then left to stand for a day before adding the mordanted wool.  I have dyed with beetroot before and it is a pleasing dyestuff always giving good results.

So short and sweet from me for March!  My aim is to finish the Lleyn by April and move on to other projects.  Here are a couple of Texels enjoying today's early morning!